Par SRC RIGA Sim Musu simuilatori ir viss realistiskakie simulatori un pieejami katram. Visi simulatori ir aprikoti: Stures iekؤپrta - SimCube Direct Drive 30nM ar ؤپtrumu pؤپrslؤ“dzؤ“jiem Pedؤپؤ¼i - heusingweld 3 pdalu bloks ؤ€trumkؤپrba - sekvenciala heusingweld Rokas bremze - heusignweld Bilde - Trؤ«s monitori vai VR briles Ramis - 'SRC Riga' 4DOF kustiga platforma un statiskie 'SRC Riga' ramji Katrs no musu simulatoriem ir aprikots ar papildus opcijam un pareizi iestatits kas maksimali realistiski simule istu saciksu auto. SRC Riga ramji razoti no terauda kuri izsledz jebkadu nevelamu kustibu.


“SRC Riga” is the leading auto simulator company in Latvia.

We offer services in simulator creation as well as on-site and off-site equipment rentals.

In 2017 we began the manufacture and prototype testing of our first SRC Riga sumulator. Combining the experience gained from testing numerous racing simulator types we put together all the best features of each and created our one of a kind SRC Riga simulator. As a result we came to the existing configuration and created two identical stations. 
Thanks to our collaboration between our main engineer and our drivers, SRC Riga has received positive feedback from Latvian auto sports experts such as: Jānis Vanks, Reinis Nitišs, Nikolajs Grjazins, Ralfs Sirmacis, Roberts Vītols and many more. 

Practice Racing
Learn Real Tracks
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Truck Simulator

Practice racing

Learn Real Tracks

Race with Friends

Truck SImulator

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Laser Scanned tracks

Provide real world feel to the virtual race circuits

Numerous Sim Stations

They include motion feedback VR capability and three monitors up to 42". Providing you the maximum amount of realism.

Direct Drive

Powerful 20 nM motors provide such precision that you feel every bump in the road.

Real Car Feel

Stations include a hydraulic brake system with force up to 140kg and both paddle and sequential type of shifting system.



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